Teeth Whitening in Northern Kentucky

Teeth Whitening in Northern Kentucky

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If you want a cost-effective way to greatly improve the overall appearance of your smile, then you should consider having your teeth whitened. At our dental practice, Karl I. Lutes, DMD, our top-notch dentist, Dr. Karl Lutes, can provide you with effective teeth whitening in Northern Kentucky to give you the smile you have long wanted.

When you come to our dental practice for teeth whitening in Northern Kentucky, our dentist will meet with you to discuss your teeth whitening needs. Your teeth will be examined to make sure that the dental staining that you have can be effectively treated with teeth whitening. Our dentist will also talk to you about the two different teeth whitening services that we offer. At our office we are happy to offer both in-office teeth whitening as well as a take-home teeth whitening kit. Both of these teeth whitening systems are extremely effective, however, our take-home kit will gradually whiten your teeth over a period of days while our in-office teeth whitening is immediate. If you have an upcoming event which you will want to look your very best for, we recommend that you have your teeth whitened at our dental practice so that you will have the dazzling smile you want in time for your special event. Our dentist will also want to examine your teeth to make sure that you do not have any tooth-colored fillings or porcelain restorations on teeth that show when you speak or smile. If so, our dentist may need to make arrangements to have your fillings or porcelain restorations redone once your teeth whitening is completed. This is because teeth whitening solutions only have a whitening effect on natural tooth enamel; they will not change the color of any man-made materials.

For an appointment to meet with our dentist regarding teeth whitening in Northern Kentucky, contact us today.

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