Florence Teeth Whitening

Florence Teeth Whitening

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There are two reasons why our Florence teeth whitening is so popular. First, because it’s so effective and safe. And second is because there are so many ways that your teeth can become stained, discolored, or dull. At the dental practice of Karl I. Lutes, DMD, you can get our whitening treatment done here, or enjoy the convenience of doing it on your own at home.

Fluorosis is a condition that occurs as the result of over-fluoridation during early tooth development. The outcome is teeth staining. Most of the time, though, the causes are going to be related to your choices. For example, tobacco is undoubtedly the most common of reasons for needing our Florence teeth whitening. Vaping is no advantage over smoking so far as your tooth color is concerned. Yellow or even brown teeth may eventually be what you get. Foods are also typical culprits. Berries are nutritional stars, but are no friends when it comes to maintaining a white smile. Others include curry, soy sauce, and many types of hard candy. Don’t forget drinks. Cola, wine (red and white), along with coffee and tea may be responsible for teeth stains. There are few people who don’t indulge in any of them. And while you may need the prescription medication tetracycline, it’s important to be aware that it is known to have teeth stains as a side-effect. Aside from all of the above, your tooth enamel naturally wears down with age, revealing the dentin beneath, which is not as bright. So there are myriad ways that your teeth can lose their natural color. The only question is, how long will you wait to do something about it?

Store-bought whitening products can contain abrasive ingredients and may not give you the degree of results you’re looking for. Book an appointment at our office to enjoy the benefits of our Florence teeth whitening.

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