Florence dental implants

Florence Dental Implants

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Dental implants in Florence

If you’re looking for the best in Florence dental implants, Dr. Karl I. Lutes, DMD is a specialist who can tell you more about this revolutionary new way to have a permanent and stable tooth once again. Dr. Lute performs cosmetic dentistry such as Invisalign as well, in a comfortable, friendly environment.

Florence dental implants help to support the area where a tooth has become missing. This small titanium post is implanted directly into the gum and bone. Similar to a natural root of a tooth, the implant acts as a stable anchor for an artificial tooth. It looks extremely similar to a real tooth as well, both in look and feel. We also employ safe methods of filling teeth with metal free fillings and crowns. Metal free fillings are made from composite resin materials that restore function to the tooth while blending in to the tooth’s color for a seamless look. Composite fillings are less likely to damage a tooth’s structure over time. Ceramic crowns are also durable and strong, made of the highest grade of dental ceramics and matching the natural look of real teeth.

Patients who are looking for Florence dental implants should have a few defining factors to be a candidate. The first is proper bone support. Without enough bone, the implants won’t have a place to fit in the mouth. If there is not enough bone for the implant, a bone graft may be performed. In a bone graft, donor bone is grafted onto the jaw so the implant has a place to fit. Patients should also have good oral health when considering implants and no current history of smoking or alcohol and no diabetes or gum disease. Patients with these problems may end up having trouble with the implant. Call today for your Florence dental implants. We’re open Monday through Thursday, until 5pm

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