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Dental cleanings in Florence

If you’ve never heard of a periodontal cleaning, that’s probably good news because it means you have never experienced advanced gum disease. By contrast, a dental cleaning is done as routine preventive care, and is a key factor in preventing advanced gum disease in the first place. Our Florence best dentist, Karl I. Lutes, DMD, makes cleanings a cornerstone of your oral care so that you can maintain a high degree of dental well-being now and in the future.

Dental cleanings pick up the slack where your home brushing and flossing leave off. It’s essential, of course, to brush your teeth and floss between them on a daily basis. Brushing should be done first thing in the morning, after meals, and then again at bedtime, at which point you should also include your flossing. The point is to remove dental plaque, the film-like bacteria that erodes tooth enamel and irritates your gums. Some plaque may hide away, such as in gum pockets, where it will later harden and become tartar. It takes a visit to our Florence best dentist to efficiently eradicate tartar buildup. The added bonus is that it reverses the effects of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease. If gingivitis were not handled in a prompt fashion, the outcome would be progressing to periodontitis, the later stage. Instead of irritation, you would be likely to experience inflammation and even infection to your gums. Consistently bad breath, receding gums, and bleeding of your gums when brushing your teeth are all typical indications. Loss of bone and gum tissue, and loose teeth could follow. So a periodontal cleaning from our Florence best dentist becomes needed. It’s a deeper type of cleaning, getting right down to the roots to clean out the inflamed and infected tissue, along with the tartar and plaque responsible.

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